A tribute to Lord Richard Attenborough

Daniel Sheppard gives some of his favourite Richard Attenborough movies in tribute to the legendary actor.

CounterSpy Review


Ritz Cinema celebrates Robin Williams


Andrew Phillips attended a memorial at Lincoln’s Ritz Cinema.

Charity on an empty stomach


Written by Asmund Lovdal A University of Lincoln society is collecting food for charity during a month of fasting.

Roadworks scheduled for Brayford Wharf East

Maintenance work will be carried out during students’ summer break on Brayford Wharf East to minimise disruption during the upcoming footbridge construction

Lincoln SU grabs top prize

NUS students' union of the year trophy

Last night, The University of Lincoln Students’ Union were crowned HE Students’ Union of the Year by NUS UK at an award ceremony in Bolton. 

Linc Sport World Cup: Day 19


Extra time was the order of the day as both Argentina and Belgium required it to scrape through to the Quarter Finals of the World Cup where they will face each other.

Linc Sport fantasy football: Can you take glory?

LincSport Fantasy Football

The new season is nearly upon us and that means the return fantasy football. For the new season, Linc Sport will be hosting their very own league available to anyone. Prizes, to be announced closer to the time, will be available to be won throughout the year. To win these prizes however, you must be […]

Linc Sport World Cup: Semi Final preview


Here we are, 4 teams left and 2 massive matches to decide who will compete in the final at The Maracana on Sunday.

Linc Sport World Cup: Day 20


The first of the two quarterfinals and we couldn’t have been delivered two different type of matches.

Linc Sport World Cup: Quarter Finals Preview


With the quarter-finals starting today, the remaining teams have been preparing furiously to make sure they still progress through the tournament.

Linc Sport World Cup: Day 18


The third day of the last 16 matches and 2 results that everyone would have expected but in both games, the two underdogs played above themselves.