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SU societies face student backlash

New members were encouraged to sign up to societies during Freshers’ Week and the Societies Fayre. After hoards of emails and Facebook messages, almost all new members have been inducted and they can proudly wear their society’s colours. Yet not all members have been inducted, or even emailed from their societies.

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Trolley drama could hit students

By Dave Methold, The Linc Student prosecution worries as trolley dash turns sour. For some students trolley transportantion saves many an aching arm, but could that be about to change? Abandoned trolley As Morrisons revealed plans to prosecute anybody who takes a trolley from their store without permission, some questions might need answering. Why do […]

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Oxford Drop-outs – A Foals interview

Hayley Cook spoke to lead singer Yannis Philippakis about smoking pot and that fiery temper of his.

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Lincoln has the Jazz

When associating alternative types of music with Lincoln, what kind of music instantly springs to mind? If you automatically think of jazz, where can you listen to it? What kind of jazz bands do we have in Lincoln? Where do we have quality music played in the city at a reasonable price?

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The New York Work Experience

The looming prospect of finding a job upon graduation may seem a daunting task considering the current state of the economy. But gaining work placement experience within the United Kingdom or in other countries can aid in this process.

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Credit crunch explained

We are bombarded by daily reports of weakening markets, probable recession and ominous forecasts of the future economic climate, and many of us feel drowned in jargon and confusion. What on earth does it mean, how did it all start, and how does it affect me?

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Tom Cooper speaks on media ethics

By Krystin Dean, The Linc Dr. Tom Cooper presented an overview of 25 years of research of ethical universals and concerns called “Media Ethics from Soup to Nuts: Research International, Indigenous, and American” on October 8 in the Cargill Lecture Theatre. Tom Cooper discusses the importance of morals in the media, the benefits of teaching, […]

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Prof. Brian Winston on freedom of the press

We have restricted speech for a variety of reasons – state security, protection of identity of minors, obscenity and so on. Publication of facts and opinion, nevertheless, are not in any sense generally limited unless incitement to illegal acts can be proved — and that, as numerous court cases have shown, is still far from easy.

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Sarah Palin: The War Creationist?

It’s a worrying reflection on American society if a “pitbull with lipstick” masquerading as the voice of the average mother can get within reach of the most powerful job in the world.

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East Midlands trains, the Bain of our lives…

Imagine, it’s a cold late October morning. You’re already in a bad mood because you know that the minute you step out the door, returning after a weekend away from uni, everything stops being free.

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