Mosey: 125 new jobs at BBC Sport for 2012 Olympics coverage

Roger Mosey, BBC director of London 2012 Olympics coverage, visited on Dec. 3 the University of Lincoln for a guest talk. Mosey, overseeing the biggest ever BBC production, spoke to those present about the challenges the BBC is facing in preparation for the 2012 Olympics coverage.

Roger Mosey will be overseeing the BBC's London 2012 Olympics coverage.

I asked Mr. Mosey how many people the BBC plans to hire in advance of the Olympics coverage.

He replied: “at BBC Sport, our headcount is 450 and that’s it. In terms of it — if 75% of people moved (Salford), or probably a higher number I think, there would still be about 125 job vacancies in BBC Sport in Salford in 2011. If you then put on top of it that all the people in freelance capacities in London; it would be a very, very big number.” “It’s something that’s a top priority, so there will be jobs,” Mosey added.

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