Students by day, sex stars by night

Two students have become wildly popular on a website featuring homemade adult films. Over two and a half million people have so far watched the film in which the two men are engaged in sexual activities while in their university accommodation.

Online video sharing became wildly popular with the launch of YouTube, now owned by Google. But YouTube has very strict regulations regarding pornographic videos, so other entrepreneurs took advantage of this market gap and launched adult video sharing websites that function in the same way as their bigger sibling (YouTube is in no way affiliated with XTube). | Photo: Samuel Cox

Posted eight months ago, the students’ soundless video is now topping the most viewed chart of the free-to-watch adult films website – XTube – with over 2.5 million views. Besides the millions of viewers, over 3000 people have rated the homemade sextape with 4.5/5 stars and over 200 congratulatory and lusty comments accompany the page.

The two students describe themselves on their XTube profile as “a gay couple that go to the same university, and live in halls together.” They are 20 and 21 years old now, live in Celtenham, and they “thought it’d be hot to submit a video” on the adult website and are very happy with the responses they have received so far. They even promise that they will submit more videos – but so far, the two have left their audience begging for more.

Their XTube profile reveals some other of their preferences. The boys say they enjoy photography and photo-manipulation, have a “strange fascination with T-shirts” and dislike “bad hygiene and ugly flat mates who never stop coughing.”

A viewer of the sex tape with the username “stevegoryan” gives a possible explanation on why the video is so popular, even months after it was originally uploaded. He says it is all in “the looks you shoot at your boyfriend, the smile, the intensity in your eyes, the facial expressions, the way you move around (…),” while other commentators are more captivated with the rather physical nature of the video.

But there are also students at the University of Lincoln performing in these types of productions, says Michael Jones – a 21 year-old retail worker on Lincoln’s High Street. Michael, who is also a member of Lincoln’s gay community, says: “On XTube, there are quite a few people from Lincoln and quite a few from the student body, that have profiles on there but disguise their identity. […] There’s a few students that I know about, but their identity is not public knowledge.”

But what could motivate students to share their homemade sextapes with the world? Michael Jones explains: “when they’re on there [XTube], they do stupid things and people influence them to do stupid things when they’re drunk.” “Some do it for fun, […] some people do it because they get emails from other XTube members asking them to make videos and I’m pretty sure that there would be at least a minority in Lincoln, who would or probably have made a video for money or to sell it to somebody else on Xtube – someone who likes what they’ve seen in a previous video on the site.”

When the University of Lincoln was asked whether it thinks that students who post online sextapes bring it into disrepute, they replied with a statement from Judith Carey, Director of Student Services: “While this may be legal, this is not an activity that the University would encourage. At a wider level, we are concerned that students’ sexual relationships are safe. There is support and advice available to any student with concerns about this through Student Services and the Student Health Centre.”

UPDATE: February 26

Since the publication of this article, it has been confirmed that the two students in the highly popular sextape are not enrolled at the University of Lincoln (changes are reflected throughout the article).

One of the protagonists of the sextape, contacted The Linc addressing some of the ethical issues debated in the comments section of this article.

He says: “In my opinion the article is okay, I’m pretty happy with the way my actions have been presented, but I do think it’s worth pointing out that my life has not been affected negatively at all by the video’s popularity.” “I’ll try not to climb too far up a pedestal, I’m starting to sound like the spokesman for amateur porn,” he added.

However, he wrote on his XTube profile: “More videos? I’m unsure because it seems everyone I’ve ever met has seen this one; something I wasn’t aiming for and has had unexpected consequences.”

Additional information surfaced on home made sex videos made by University of Lincoln students but when contacted by The Linc, they declined to comment.