Students’ Union Survey: good results, bad comments abundant

A Linc survey into the feelings of the students towards our SU has revealed complaints of poor communication, a lack of representation and favouritism towards Athletic Union societies.


Although it appears to be a consensus that the SU officers are doing a good job, there are quite a few grievances. One respondent claimed the SU is a “mess” and that “their events are unappealing, their attitude is poor and most of them need sacking.” 

Some students did not feel that the SU represents their opinions enough. One said “I thought your aims were to offer ‘Representation, Participation, Inspiration’ and I feel strongly that you have failed me personally and many of my student colleagues on each one.”

Accusations of a preferential ethos towards sports societies were also levelled. One student said: “I feel the Societies play 2nd fiddle to the Sports teams, and this is reflected in funding and resources” whilst another thought “their only real interest is in sports.” Another claimed “there is more emphasis on the clubs and ‘popular’ societies like dance, trampolining etc. The academic societies do not receive as much support.”

There was also a wish that the SU would apply increasing pressure upon the Engine Shed and Tower Bars to provide a more student-friendly service. Some comments urge the SU to be more actively involved in university life, and to be more accessible to University of Lincoln students.

One finding from the survey was that many of the respondents said they had never heard of certain SU officers, which seemingly reinforces the notion that the SU is not well integrated with the student body it actually represents.

There was also a conflict of opinion with regards to the SU and homosexuality. One student felt that “the union should look at homophobia throughout the uni because I’m struggling to see why it’s ok to shout ‘this is gay!’… being gay is not a bad thing but it’s used as a derogatory term throughout the Lincoln university community. It’s hurtful to the point that it’s ruining the student experience.”

However, one student asked the SU for “less aggressive promotion of ‘gay rights’ particularly through the Bullet magazine.” There were some suggestions that our SU should work like other SUs around the country, with students implying that Lincoln does not offer the same standard of SU as other universities.

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