Big AU teams want to keep their funds

By Rob Wells, The Linc

Despite complaints from some clubs, the president of the University of Lincoln Cricket Club (ULCC) has defended the Students' Union’s funding practices. | Photo: Samuel Cox

Ed Bosworth, current President of ULCC and who has been part of their leadership since its creation, said that the current funding system could be justified: “The hockey and the football clubs are the crowd bringers,” says Mr Bosworth, noting that, since they have so many more members, the larger clubs are entitled to the money.

“You have the ‘big five’ who are more recognised,” referring to hockey, football, rugby, cricket and basketball. “Because we’re in the ‘big five’ we get what we need. I think other teams get more than they need. The ULCC receives £3,000 in funding from the SU, and another £1,200 to £1,500 from membership fees.”

Some of the teams with larger budgets, he suspects, “are maybe not managing [their finances] as well as they should be,” though he is quick to add: “I don’t envy having to manage the larger teams.”

Chris Farrell, the incoming Sports and Teams officer, says: “I know personally that the largest teams in the university were still suffering” — due to a lack of money.

Despite this, Mr Bosworth acknowledge: “more needs to go to the smaller clubs”. Though to balance this, he fears that the smaller clubs might take the money from the bigger clubs.

Referring to the election of Rowing Club president Chris Farrell, he says he would “rather have a football or rugby player [in the job]. I’m cautious and apprehensive.” He says he wants to look after the smaller clubs. Our best sports are football and golf. If we take money away from them we will go down in status I suppose.”

Whatever happens generally, Mr Bosworth is satisfied with the ULCC’s position. “I’m not going to whinge about it, I’m happy with what we get from the Athletic Union.”

One Response to Big AU teams want to keep their funds

  1. Chris Farrell says:

    Referring to the comment on looking after smaller teams. I am from a sports course and my aim is to make sports funding a lot fairer for all university sports — not just the dominant clubs. This doesn’t mean though I’ll reduce funds dramatically for the top teams. I’m already in talks with golf and have very good contacts from my course. There is a lot of work to do. However the bigger teams should not be worried about me coming into power, I want to progress our small teams and big teams together. Not separate, like it has been for too long. Budgets will be fairer.