Tried and tested

Ever gone out with your hair styled perfectly but then when you reached your destination, your hair had lost its style?

We’re always searching for the perfect hair spray that actually does what it says, staying in one place! No fear girls and guys as I’ve tested the best hairspray that will keep your locks looking fabulous all night long. I have been testing TRESemme’s Freeze Hold Hair Spray for two months and the claims have proven to be true. It really does hold your hair in place for hours!

With any product there is always a downside, but I couldn’t find much to complain about. Although you do have to spray quite a lot to keep your hair styled in one place. One participant, who tested this product religiously for months, agreed that the product “really does work” but always had to wash their hair out with lots of shampoo the next day.

So it may be a product that works like magic, but a few participants have experienced some downsides. Nonetheless, all have said they would carry on using the product.

So why not test it out for yourself and tell me your view?

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