Flying the flag of fashion

It’s time to salute your country with this season’s must-have fashion items. The Union Flag is everywhere from the high street to high fashion.

Flying the flag is the perfect way to spice up any outfit this summer, from bags to t-shirts to shoes. I’m not asking you to dress as a human flag, but a little British pride goes a long way.

Incorporating the Union Flag is a great way to spice up your outfit this summer. | Photo: Craig Allen

Union Flag bags are everywhere at the moment. Alexandra McQueen started the trend with his block clutch, but you can recreate the look without the hefty price tag. Julien McDonald has designed a beautiful patent black Union Flag clutch bag for £28 at Debenhams.

For everyday summer days there is the cute straw bag at Topshop for £18. Practical, light, and perfect to spend the summer with. If you fancy treating yourself, River Island has large slouch bag for £150.

Want something more discreet? has a gorgeous neon pink Union Flag frame purse that adds a bit of glamour to any purchase.

But the best thing to come out of Topshop from its Union Flag mania is their beautiful silk back top. The different cuts of the flag cut together in this oversized beauty create an amazing shape and it’s almost impossible to resist. At £30 it seems slightly expensive for a high street top, but it echoes high fashion in its design.

If you fancy wearing the flag on your feet head down to Schuh where Converse has designed Union Flag trainers for £44.

But for those of you that don’t fancy flying the flag, why don’t you try mixing red, white and blue in your clothing? The colours are everywhere this season, with Oasis and River Island taking the lead.

Oasis has a dazzling collection of royal blue garments. Two great pieces are their one shoulder evening top with pleat detailing for £35, and their draped skirted dress, with fine straps and an oversized bow at £55.

In River Island, its all about their white jacquard lantern skirt, which just screams glamour at £30.

And if you do anything this summer, invest in a red cardigan. New Look have a cute crop summer cardigan for just £10. Not bad for an item that you can use with countless outfits.

2 Responses to Flying the flag of fashion

  1. It’s called the Union Jack not the Union flag. You might want to find out the correct name before you print.

  2. It’s also know as the Union Flag, even in fashion

    Even the royals are at it

    You might want to check your own ‘facts’ before you comment. Would you like help down from that 20 foot horse of yours?