Frank Gardner bowls over Lincoln Book Festival

Frank Gardner opened Lincolns five day Book Festival | Photo: Samuel Cox

Lincoln Book Festival was opened with a colourful picture presentation from the BBC’s Frank Gardner.

Mr. Gardner, the BBC’s Security Correspondent, visited Lincoln’s Drill Hall to talk about the reasons behind his second book, ‘Far Horizons’.

However, rather than just take quotes from his book, he bought with him a picture presentation, captivating the audience with his photos of various countries he had visited after his accident.

The incident occured while reporting in Saudi Arabia, where he was shot and consequently lost the use of both of his legs.

“I’m not bitter about the people who did this to me” he said when reflecting on the accident “I’m not going to waste my time on them. We know what happened- six people attacked us, it was an opportunist attack. Six people drove past, happened to see a couple of white “infadels” (in their eyes) and saw it as an opportunity to drive them out of holy Arabia.

“Five of those people are now dead, the other is in prison, he is possibly going to be executed. I’m not going to worry about them. You have to move on.”

Mr. Gardner also added that the main aim of the new book is to talk about his achievements after the accident, rather than dwell on it again.

You can listen to Frank Gardner’s talk about ‘Far Horizons’ and his travels by clicking on the below audio file:

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