Get flawless skin with mineral foundation

Cliniques Almost Powder Makeup foundation. | Photo: Clinique

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but in the beauty world it’s imperative to have a good foundation for a flawless complexion.

I’m sure every girl, and even some guys, have tried various foundations for a matte look, but failed in finding the perfect one.

Mineral foundations are set to be the next best thing on anyone’s skin.

Clinique’s Almost Powder Makeup foundation contains minerals, which is an alternative way for a more natural look that won’t clog up pores. Like a liquid formula, the powder promises for a long-wear, lightweight feel on your skin without looking too thick or heavy.

I’ve tested this product for just over a year and I’m quite pleased with the results. It does leave my skin feeling lightweight, and for the long-wear formula, it does stay on. But with my combination skin it doesn’t look that matte as it was first applied on. You need to top up your foundation within a couple of hours, else you’ll have a greasy, orange face.

This foundation looks great on your face if you regularly let your skin breathe. I noticed if I went a day or two without putting the foundation on, my face looked more natural the next time I applied it.

I personally believe this foundation makes your skin look flawless when correctly applied. You must ensure you’re using the right colour foundation to match your skin tone. A shade too light or too dark can be off-putting.

For the best results invest in a primer, such as Clinique’s Redness Solutions Daily Protective Base SPF 15, which helps in setting the foundation and treating your skin at the same time. You can apply the primer by hand but with the foundation, use a foundation brush and lightly cover all of your face then finish off by using the sponge for an even tone look.

Overall this is a foundation worth using as it helps moisture balance in the skin, making it appropriate for all skin types; dry skins will find it non-drying while oilier skins will find it reduces oil and skin breakthrough.

The foundation comes in a compact form with a sponge, which is handy when out and about. The best thing is that this product last quite long, and the definite plus side is that it’s just under £20.

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