Protect your skin from the sun

Olay Multi Radiance facial cream promises for more healthy looking skin. | Photo: Olay

Let’s face it: our facial skin always needs to be in tip top condition no matter the season. Having a moisturiser is a must regardless if you’re not too keen in looking after your skin. Having said that having the right moisturiser to suit your skin type is imperative in achieving the best results for soft, supple and stunning looking skin.

Olay’s skin care ranges have always proven to be one of the best and most popular in the beauty market. Lately with a few new additions to the Olay family, Olay Complete Care Multi-Radiance SPF 15 is the latest must have beauty product. A person can spend months if not years in searching the best moisturiser to suit their skin needs.

As I entered my twenties thought it was best to start investing in a good quality moisturiser, so over the past four months I have tested this product and was very impressed with its results. I apply this cream 2-3 times during the whole day and when going to bed. The cream is light-weight texture which smells great too! It sinks into the skin extremely well, however it absorbs too quickly hence why you may have to apply it three times a day.

The bottle comes in a small form which is handy to pop in your handbag, even the pump dispenser controls the amount you need. Overall I was very pleased that people noticed my skin was looking more radiant and healthier. This product works amazingly well and I shall be continuing with this moisturiser, so why not invest in Olay?

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