Put some colour on your face

Make-up is all about bright colours this season and it’s time to be daring and experiment. There is a distinct daring catwalk flair to the make-up on offer at the moment, and it’s all too tempting to brush on some colour and stand out from the crowd.

This season's make-up is all about bright colours. | Photo: Samuel Cox

The easiest place to be daring with colour is with your nails, and Barry M has every colour under the sun to be adventurous with. Fuchsia, Block Orange, Neon Pink, and Acid Yellow are recommended this season, and at £3 you can afford to collect them all. The colour that dries on your nails is just as bright as advertised and adds rock star chic to any outfit.

For glamour puss eyes head to the 17 Collection at Boots for their solo glitter eyeshadows. With seven colours to choose from you’re spoilt for choice, but ‘Superstar’ and ‘Socialite’ will really make you stand out from the crowd, and they are a bargain at £3.42. If you really want to be daring go for Barry M dazzle dust, with many colours to experiment with. Gold, Parrot green and Teal are favourites. Take your pick at £4.50 each.

In fact it’s Barry M that really embraces the bright colours, and that’s why we love it. Check out their lip paint if you’re a daredevil. Try their range of pinks in shocking, baby and vibrant at £4.25.

At the very top of the wish list however is their ‘Touch of magic’ lip paint. You’ll be forgiven for thinking that it was green lipstick, but that is where the magic happens, as it turns pink. Even better, the alkali level of your lips determines how pale or rich the colour will go.

There is no excuse to stay safe, get out there and get colourful!

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