The ‘study buddy’ way to avoid exam stress

Coursework hand-ins may almost be out of the way but that just means exams are just around the corner. | Photo: Rémi Carreiro

Some say exams are just pub quizzes without the beer, which is a comforting description. Despite this, a majority of students will still feel they are under-prepared and suffer from exam stress.

Julie Goode, a student councillor, has some brilliant advice for anybody who feels their exams are getting on top of them.

Ms Goode says: “You have been doing exams since early teens and will no doubt face exams again in later life so you know what to expect and they are not the be all and end all.”

While this is true there is still a lot of pressure on exams, as a year of hard work comes down to a couple of hours in the exam room.

During stressful times Ms Goode’s motto is “be kind to yourself” which involves taking time to just relax.

“Just settle down on the settee, under a duvet, with a cup of hot chocolate and watch some daytime TV for a few hours,” says Goode.

She also pointed out the importance of maintaining a “solid support network” and remembering that you are not alone.

“Fellow students are all suffering from the same pressures so make use of that common ground. It can be empowering to have a study buddy and you can be a useful resource to one another,” says Goode.

The best piece of advice to minimise exam stress is undoubtedly to be prepared.

Stress free revision guide

  • Work out a revision timetable counting down to the exam date. Be realistic in your aims and remember concentration levels deteriorate after around 45 minutes.
  • Schedule revision in hour long slots, allowing for 15 minute breaks. Make the most of this break by getting a snack or some fresh air.
  • Your working environment is also very important. Make sure you are in a tidy room that is well ventilated and well lit.
  • Being prepared to work is also important and although many students revise in their rooms it is still important to simply get dressed. It may be comfortable sitting in your underwear but it does not motivate you to work.
  • It can be useful to have a change of scenery and try to spend time in the library or even in the garden.
  • Friends can play an important role. Having someone to study with can be useful. This could even involve putting the text books to one side and going to the pub and simply talking about what you have been learning.
  • The final thing to remember is to be able to put exams to the back of your mind. Keep your social life active as there is no need to change your lifestyle.

One Response to The ‘study buddy’ way to avoid exam stress

  1. Hugo says:

    The secret of passing exams is to do nothing! At least the day before the Big Day itself, as either you know your subject or you don’t. Stressing, anxiety and panic revision will only make matters worse.
    Instead, allow your brain to chill and relax by doing something totally different. You will be amazed at how refreshed and in control you will feel when entering the exam room.