Top Films to watch in Lincoln soon

University is coming to an end (bar exams) and you may be wondering what to do in Lincoln before you head home for the summer. Why not go watch a film? Coming in the next week to Lincoln’s Odeon is an array of great films that are absolute must-sees.

Star Trek | Release date: May 8th | Photo: Empire
Already stirring up good reviews, and set to bring in old and new fans of Star Trek, the film’s opening scene suggests that the universe there has changed — a young Kirk is an angry man constantly looking for trouble, but due to his genius abilities is asked to join Starfleet, and Spock is harassed over his mixed race heritage.

He also has to choose between to paths — the Vulcan world that will only ever see him as “half human” or the Starfleet Academy, which would cause him to leave behind everything he knew. The fleet is called when the Federation is in trouble, and Kirk and Spock are paired together to save the galaxy.

Coraline | Release date: May 8th | Photo:

A quirky film by directed by Henry Selick, Coraline is a cute animated motion picture for all ages.

The main character, young girl Coraline, stumbles across a secret door in her new home and discovers an alternate version of her life. This parallel universe is very similar to her real life but is much better.

However, her adventure becomes dangerous when her counterfeit parents intend to keep her. Coraline must do whatever it takes to get away from the fake family and back to her real home – and save her family.

Angels and Demons | Release Date: May 14th | Photo: Cinecon

The sequel to the extremely popular Da Vinci Code, the film is based around the same professor Langdon, who discovers a secret brotherhood called the Illuminati, one of the most powerful brotherhoods ever. However, they are also a serious threat to the Catholic Church.

When he uncovers an Illuminati time bomb, Langdon goes to Rome and teams up with beautiful scientist, Vittoria Vetra.

The pair embarks on an action-packed and dangerous mission to find 400 year old symbols — the only clue as to how the Vatican can survive.


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