Weird sports from around the world

Experience life as a hamster with zorbing. | Photo: Steven Kiyoda

This is underwater hockey, and is great for the summer months. Created in the 1950’s, teams consist of 10 players each, but only 6 can be underwater at any one time. Players use a small stick and score goals by hitting the puck into the opposing goal. If you have fins it could be an ideal sport for you.


Think brains and braun united into one sport. It may not sound like a match made in heaven but organisers hope it will become an Olympic sport. A round of chess is followed by one of boxing and the winner is declared when they either knock their opponent out in the boxing ring, checkmate them on the chess board or win on points.

Zorb ball

‘Zorbing’ is where you get in a giant inflatable ball and roll down a hill, with the winner being the one who comes first. Started in New Zealand, Zorbing has spread across the world, so if you fancy experiencing life as a hamster this could be the sport for you.

Ferret Legging

Competitors tie the bottom of their trousers and drop a ferret down there. The winner is whoever can last the longest. This is not one for the fainthearted.

Crab racing

If you’re by the seaside this summer why not try crab racing? All you need a crab and tie a piece of string to them, then make sure they go in the right direction.

If your bored this summer why not have a go at these, and if you know of any other weird or wonderful sports please comment below.

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