Meeting Craig Hubert, British hairdressing champion

Those of you with an interest in hair styling probably have heard of Craig Hubert, the five-times British Hairdressing Champion and former World Champion.

When I was told that I’d be meeting him I didn’t know how to react. Mainly because I had no idea who he was. I’m not hair savvy. My own locks tend to hang in bunches, uncared for and unloved.

I went to see him at work, giving a master class in men’s hairstyling. He specialises in men’s hair because “you see quicker things with men’s hair… I also get bored with longer hair.”

At just 19 Craig joined the British team and entered numerous competitions, and has now won over 100. His family are also hairdressers; his father and brother both dabble in gent’s hairdressing. His brother Paul jokes that “some day we’ll learn how to do it properly.”

Craig begins the session with the first purple haired model, Dav, offering a funky modern look for the summer. A long fringe that can be styled up or down, along with a texturised back and sides. Add in a little product and voilà, a style that's great for students partying at festivals.

This is the second of the must-have student look for the summer: the ‘Modern Mod'. A medium–short length, thinned slightly at the back, with a choppy fringe to style up and spiky for beach parties, or parted to the side and sophisticated for job interviews.

Towards the end of the session Craig grabbed a straight razor for the next model, Lewis. “Don’t worry, I’m not that man over there,” he joked, pointing at a Sweeney Todd poster in the corner.

Craig began to hand the razor around—Lewis looked slightly apprehensive—believing a hands on approach to work best, so the students can see and feel how best to hold the blade.

Luckily the models managed to escape unharmed and each with a funky new hairstyle, designed and cut by a five times British Hairdressing Champion.

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