Athletic Union re-branded as ‘Sports and Societies’

The new Students' Union Sports and Societies logo. | Photo: ULSU

The Athletic Union is no more, as the Students’ Union have re-branded their sports and societies section as, imaginatively, University of Lincoln Students’ Union Sports and Societies.

While the logo and name have changed, nothing else has. The colours remain the same, and the Sports and Societies offices are still on the ground floor of the Engine Shed, in the SOAP centre.

According to Emma Devine, the SU’s vice president for communications, the reason for the change is to emphasise that the former AU is still just a part of the Students’ Union.

She says: “Often students have referred to the ‘Athletic Union’ as a completely separate entity, [and] this re-brand [seeks] to change this mindset.”

Chris Charnley, the SU’s president, says: “This is a great move forward for the students in [bridging] the gap between sports, societies, and the other areas of the Students’ Union.”

Mr Charnley says that the change will allow “non-athletic societies and clubs to feel equally represented, involved, and valued” by the union.

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