Residents praise respectful Freshers’ Week fun

West End residents praised University of Lincoln students for their behaviour during this year’s Freshers’ Week, when they met for the Carholme Community Forum on Tuesday evening.

Despite the “odd incident”, Forum members commended unanimously students for the lack of noise and anti-social behaviour, particularly compared to last year. When reflecting on the previous year, one Forum member said she had to briefly leave Lincoln and it was a “big relief to get away”.

West Parade in the West End of Lincoln, which is home to many students. | Photo: Samuel Cox

The Carholme Community Forum contains various local stakeholders from the West End area. These include residents, businesspeople, representatives from residents’ groups such as the West End Residents Association, the Students’ Union, the University of Lincoln, and local councillors.

The Forum also noted that the peace had continued through the start of term, something they are hoping will continue throughout the year.

Judith Carey, director of Student Services at the University, sits on the Forum on behalf of the University. She said: “It was a really positive meeting and [it] is an enormous step forward from where we were with these community groups only a couple of years ago.”

“The joint approach to community partnership by the university and the SU has really made all the difference. The excellent work that everyone put into the Community Gala was a clear example of this.

“I think that the really positive response from the Forum members to ‘Welcome Week’ and the period since reflects both the commitment of all parties to work closely together to plan for the return of students to Lincoln after the summer break, and that students have responded well to the information and guidance that they have been given… They are being thoughtful in their behaviour in what is primarily a quiet residential area. Long may it continue.”

The University of Lincoln Students’ Union said: “This year there has been a greater cohesion between students and the wider residential community, and the SU would like to thank the efforts of external parties, such as the council and the university.

“We are delighted with the kind words from residents at the Carholme Community Forum, and are pleased that Freshers’ Week was enjoyable for all. We will be continuing to work with the local community to ensure that the relationship between students and local residents remains positive and continues to grow throughout the year.”

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