Student sports and societies match results

It is time of the year again where the University of Lincon’s sports teams lock horns and do battle with other universities up and down the country. Lincoln’s womens football team and the Rugby Union’s 2nds arguably brought home the best results of the week.

“I was very pleased with everyones efforts this week. It’s always hard getting going in the first week so it was a ‘very well done’ to all teams. Womens football, rugby union, golf and netball and hockey mens 1st did extra brilliant,” said vice president sports and teams Chris Farell.

The full list of results for teams representing the University of Lincoln in their first week of matches:


Lincoln Mens 1st 3 – 5 De Montfort 1st

Lincoln Mens 2nds 6 – 2 De Montford 2nds

Mens Basketball

Oxford Brookes 58 – 50 Lincoln

Womens Basketball

Loughborough 33-25 Lincoln

Mens football

Lincoln 1st 0 – 0 University of Nottingham

Lincoln 2nds 1-2 East Anglia 2nds

Lincoln 3rds 2-2 Aston 2nds

Womens football

Lincoln 20-3 Aston 2nds

Golf team

University of Birmingham 1st 4-2 Lincoln

Loughborough 2nds 3-3 Lincoln

Bedfordshire 1st 0-6 Lincoln

Mens Hockey

University of Nottingham 4th – 1-6 Lincoln 1st

Lincoln 2nds 0-4 East Anglia 1st

Womens Hockey

Lincoln 1st 2-5 Loughborough 4th

Oxford Brookes 3rds 2-0 Lincoln 2nds


Lincoln 1st 32-34 Northampton 1st

Anglia Ruskin 1st 19-33 Lincoln 2nds

Rugby Union

Lincoln 1sts 24-10 Northampton 1st

Lincoln 2nds 76-0 Derby (Buxton)

Rugby League

Lincoln 8-80 Sheffield Hallam 1st

Mens Tennis

Lincoln 8-2 De Montfort

Womens Tennis

Lincoln 2-8 Nottingham 2nds

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