Students’ Union releases sports teams and societies budgets

Booklets containing this year’s allocated budgets for all sports teams and societies were handed out to the various presidents at last week’s Sports and Societies meeting, in a bid to make the process more transparent.

Budgets for societies are usually handed out in envelopes individually to each team or society’s president.| Photo: Samuel Cox

The University of Lincoln Hockey Club has been given the most money at £8,310, £8k of which is for vehicle hire.  Next is the men’s rugby union team with £6,080, closely followed by the football club at £6,055. Most of the expenditure for the sports teams is for pitch/facility hire, vehicle hire and competition entry.

The big winners amongst the societies are the Cheerleaders, who get £1,800, £1k of which goes on competition entry. Others who benefit the most are Gymnastics at £1,750, Equestrian at £1,700 and the African-Caribbean society at £1,300; £300 of which is for catering. The Christian Union and St John Ambulance receive £200 and £150 respectively for personal development courses.

Currently, sports teams and societies are not allowed to be sponsored by any bars or clubs as the University and Students’ Union don’t want to be seen to promote alcohol. This means what is potentially a large source of revenue has been cut off.

Kayleigh Valentine, the Union’s Vice President for Societies and Activities, said: “In April/May of 2009, all societies and sports teams were required to fill out a resource assessment pack (RAP) to predict how much money they are going to need for the following year. We have developed a new system for allocating funds this year which should be more open and transparent for both sports and societies. This is largely a reaction to our forthcoming registration as a charity and to fulfil our obligations under the Education Act ‘to provide a fair and equitable system’ for the delivery of funding. Inevitably there will be some issues with individual societies and if there are any problems they can raise issues at council for resolution by their peers.

“Both Sports and Societies council will have an active role in approving and developing activity and both have oversight over substantial development funds this year. All sports and societies presidents can come and talk Chris Farrell and Kayleigh Valentine about any issue they may have.”

Among those who receive no funding are Shotokan Karate, Table Tennis, Lacrosse, Belly Dance and the Epeonian society.

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