Set the agenda for the upcoming All Students Meeting

The All Student Meeting (ASM), which is the annual general meeting for the Students’ Union, will take place on November 17th in the EMMTEC building, from 2pm.

It’s similar to the Student Council, but is meant to set the agenda for the entire year as opposed to the following weeks.

Students can use the ASM to speak up about any issues they may have, either with what they want the SU to lobby the university for, or to hold the SU to account for not fulfilling their role. Students also have the opportunity to write agenda-setting motions to be voted on by emailing Chris Charnley, the Union’s president (

Charnley said: “It’s a great opportunity for everyone to have their voice heard. We’ve been saying for the past two or three months that it’s your university, it’s time to have your say. Now is time to be heard if they’re not happy with the SU.

“[Students can] find out what the Union’s got planned and find out how, financially, we’re providing resources for various sports teams and societies, and different parts of the Union.

“If students think we should be focusing more on welfare campaigns then they can come along and say spend a bit more on this, so we can reallocate budgets. But without them saying that we can’t really go along and do it, so ASM is a great platform for everyone to come along and get involved.”

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