West End crime rate drops drastically

Lincoln's West End is now much safer than last year. | Photo: Samuel Cox

Crime figures for the month of September in Lincoln’s Carholme ward have fallen drastically in comparison with September 2008, according to Lincolnshire Police statistics.

This is usually a time of high activity in the area as it contains the University of Lincoln’s freshers’ week.

“Violence against a person” saw a drop from 48 offences to 29. “Acquisitive crime”, which includes theft and burglary, fell 50% from 24 to 12. Anti-social behaviour fell too, with 53 incidents this year compared to 73 in 2008. There were no sexual offences committed in September 2009, with one occurring in September 2008.

However, there was an increase in criminal damage, which rose by a third on September 2008’s figures, from 25 to 33 incidents.

The total number of offences saw an 18% reduction, with 173 in September 2008 compared to 142 this year.

Despite this fall in crime in the West End of Lincoln, PC Rick Mosley, community beat manager for the area, advised students not to get complacent and to continue to take every security precaution.  He said that there are several indicators which could lead to a property being burgled, like leaving expensive items on display in a window, an open or unlocked door, and a shared passageway at the back of a property which does not have a gate.

“Students can prevent themselves becoming victims by taking ownership of the security in their house and not leaving it to others. They can keep all doors shut and locked even when in the property. Keep all windows closed and locked when you are not in the room, even if only for a few moments. Keep ground floor curtains closed and keep all valuables out of sight. Lock gates on shared passageways. If there is no gate, contact your landlord or the external accommodation officer at the University of Lincoln. Do not allow anyone to tailgate you through a controlled access gate or door. Get them to use their own access key,” he said.

He added: “There are some weak security points in houses, but the majority are due to the occupants.”

If anyone has any concerns about security, or any other issues involving crime in the West End, contact PC Mosley on 07900282129, or by email at rick.mosley@lincs.pnn.police.uk.

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