Editor’s letter: For better and for worse

— This letter is republished from the editorial in the December printed issue

Times are changing at the University of Lincoln, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. It’s not easy to build an impressive university from scratch, as retiring Professor David Chiddick achieved in the last nine years. And it certainly won’t be easy to keep the good work going, but Professor Mary Stuart, who has been widely praised, is saying the right things. Now that our new vice-chancellor has taken over, in this issue of The Linc we look at Professor Chiddick’s achievements and Professor Stuart’s plans for the future.

Meanwhile, some other interesting developments have been taking place in the Lincoln student arena. The University of Lincoln Students’ Union, something which hasn’t raised too many eyebrows in my time at the university, has been trying to step up its game. As the only reliable student-led source of information at the university, The Linc managed to fulfil one of its main aims — to serve the Lincoln student population with the latest relevant news — in recent weeks.
The SU, which for the first time in quite a few years began attempting to be more involved with students, have managed this year to make themselves better seen around the campuses, but not better heard.

Off to a bumpy start this year, the SU have had several mildly-successful activities and some failures, and they have failed to capture their passion and spread it to more students. Noticing that their efforts are not publicised as they would have wished them to be, mainly down to poor collaboration with media outlets, the SU decided to put their message through their own publications: Bullet Magazine and, most noticeably by littering the campus with The Agenda, rather than simply using their website more efficiently.

Besides using the above-mentioned means of spreading their message, an attempt to limit The Linc’s objective and balanced reporting on the SU came from the same direction recently. Thankfully, due to overwhelming support from our readers and friends, this attempt was defeated. And as the year is coming to a close, we decided to put an end to this tumultuous set of events.The Linc has fact-checked the SU’s claims for this first semester, and we have separated fact from fiction. But that’s only one angle of the story. The rest can be found in the pages of Bullet Magazine or The Agenda.

The Linc’s team has put a lot of effort into this completely-original issue, working on it alongside our daily news operations over at www.thelinc.co.uk. Almost 12,000 people have visited our website since September, and we are glad that so many of you have enjoyed our articles.

This printed issue of The Linc should help pass the time in the few days left before leaving for Christmas, and you can always read more online while you are away from Lincoln. This issue we are bigger and better with 16 pages, and in full colour for the first time. For you viewing please, below is the digital version of the December printed issue.

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