University of Lincoln graduate’s novel published

It’s now possible, not only to read a book, but to have the images and sounds of one conveyed to you through music and art, thanks to a graduate of the University of Lincoln.

Richard Galbraith, who graduated from the university’s journalism course in 2005, has just had not only his first novel, but an art book and album released as well.

“Concrete Operational” is Galbraith’s novel, based around five themes: anger, jealousy, love, madness and desire. These themes were then given to five artists and five bands as inspiration, and the collaborators then created original music and art from them.

The launch party for the project was held on 26th November and, as well as the novel, featured the original art and the bands playing the music which they had created. The music was also placed on “sound pods” around the room with headphones for people to listen to.

The former student says: “Personally I think the future of publishing revolves around this sort of collaboration.” Galbraith describes the novel as a “science fiction coming of age” which has “something for everyone”.

Galbraith, who is currently touring around London and ”trying to get copies of the book into people’s hands,“ has already written other manuscripts for future novels which he hopes to create in the same way as Concrete Operational.

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