Epic fail for SU president Charnley

EXCLUSIVE — The university shop, which the University of Lincoln Students’ Union President Chris Charnley claimed would be open by January 2010, is not even close to being ready, sources close to the situation have told The Linc. Doubts are swirling around the SU’s claim to have any influence within the university.

Chris Charnley, the SU's president, promoted heavily the shop's move into the Main Academic Building as one of the highlights of his term so far. Photo: Samuel Cox

The SU, who were proudly promoting the shop’s move in the Main Academic Building as their decision, announced last September: “The University of Lincoln Students’ Union has been actively working in partnership with the University Commercial Facilities over the summer to develop an excellent standard to services offered to students across all campuses.”

Posters around the Brayford Campus publicised the opening of the shop. In the first issue of the SU’s Agenda it was claimed as a “Bullet Point Success”: “The University Shop has been moved back into it’s rightful home in the Main building on the Brayford Campus (Opening Jan 2010).” As the shop will not be opening in January 2010, the SU’s claims to have control over the move of the shop are severely weakened.

The SU previously said: “The development of ‘The Uni Shop’ will provide a greater sense of community spirit across campus, offering a great range of products at student prices whilst being highly accessible and catering to the needs of the whole student body and University life.” These plans have now been delayed by almost a year, without the SU being able to change the course of the decision.

Additionally, The Linc can reveal that the opening of the Business and Law Faculty building has also been delayed. Sources have said the building is expected to be opened sometime after Christmas 2010, instead of by September. This delay is said to be because the University of Lincoln does not have enough money to finish the project on time.

9 Responses to Epic fail for SU president Charnley

  1. Jonathan Holmes says:

    Epic fail? Sorry, but when was it a good idea to use internet memes in a “credible newspaper”? Also, kudos for the flattering photo…

  2. Jonathan,

    The photo is from our pictures archive, taken at the SU Elections in March 2009.

    The headline uses language familiar to our target audience, students, and does not have anything to do with the credibility of the story.

  3. Jonathan Holmes says:

    I’ve been spending too much time on failblog; the words “fail” and “win” always seem meme-y to me. I’ll accept that it’s fair critcism though, I just took offence at the title.

  4. So much for all those posters saying “YOU ASKED… AND THE SU DID!” I suppose it’s more “You asked and the SU didn’t…” here.

  5. Chris Charnley says:

    Just to add my comment – a full update will soon follow.

    I’ve sadly not been able to meet with Charlotte until late tomorrow due to heavy diary commitments this week. However, prior to this article being published I had arranged to meet and provide a full update on the University shop. It’s a tad disappointing that you couldn’t wait for the full story and the Union’s comment before you started making such obscure comments.

    I look forward to this story being updated later on tomorrow, along with an interview on The Linc podcast.

    Students with any concerns relating to the shop, or any other matters would be encouraged to drop me an email – I would be more than happy to give an update.

    Many thanks,

    Chris Charnley

  6. Chris,

    Our news agenda is independent of your schedule.

    What else is to the story and what are the obscure comments you claim? Feel free to submit your comment here.

  7. Andy Skinner says:

    Use of “fail” is indeed a meme.

  8. If the SU were so happy to take most of the credit for moving the shop surely they will be happy to take the flak for it’s failure to open on time? Or will they now admit they had less influence than first thought?

  9. Jamie Barber says:

    Perhaps it is the case that they did have the power in the first place and it then diminished later on. It happens.

    And, to be fair, using the term ‘epic fail’ in a credible newspaper is not really writing to the audience in my opinion. It seems like a bit of a joke and not in the positive way.

    The picture was blatantly picked to make Chris Charnley look less official. I’m almost certain that your archives will have much more appropriate photos than that.