Library to open round the clock for Easter

Ian Snowley is the director of the library and learning resources. Photo: Samuel Cox

The library will once again be open to students around the clock around Easter, the university has announced.

Although the two weeks of actual Easter holiday times have not yet been confirmed, there is still a total of four whole weeks of 24 hour access to the library.

Ian Snowley, the director of library and learning resources, points out that Christmas and Easter are the busiest times of the year, with assessment deadlines for many students to meet. This means, if there was ever a time when students needed the library for 24 hours a day, Easter and Christmas would be those times.

The library opening for these extra hours means that it can offer valuable extra access to computers, printers, and electronic materials as well as, of course, books.

For students’ safety, there will be no access to the library out of hours without ID, so be sure not to forget your student card.

As of Monday, March 15th the library will stay open around the clock until Friday, March 19th at 10pm. This will be repeated the next week and then again from Monday April 12th until Friday April 16th and Monday April 19th until Friday April 23rd.

2 Responses to Library to open round the clock for Easter

  1. Jp Thackeray says:

    Yet again another good time to pick for students.

  2. Jonathan Holmes says:

    If there were a like button for this, I’d press it.