Police called to investigate graffiti attack in Pavilions

Residents in the Pavilions student accommodation have been targeted in a graffiti attack.

Proctor Mews had its ground and fourth floor covered in explicit pink graffiti early on Saturday, February 13th. The communal corridors of the block were covered, as well as some graffiti on the staircase of the fourth floor and apartment doors.

Natalie Skinner, a first year student in the block, said: “Our floor has been vandalised before but nothing this big. It was totally unnecessary. It was a huge shock when I first saw it and I hope they find the culprits. It’s not fair that the block has to pay.”

The Pavilions have released an official statement confirming that the police are currently investigating a “serious vandalism incident”.

The Facebook page for Pavilions RSV has also published a statement: “We apologise to all residents as it is of a very offensive nature and would like to assure all tenants that we are carrying out a thorough investigation.

“Until the Police have attended [the] site we cannot remove any wording.”

Anyone with any further information is urged to talk to Judith Wood, residential manager at Pavilions.

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