Two student committees cancelled

The University of Lincoln Students’ Union has cancelled two of its student committee meetings.

While several committee groups, such as the sports committee and LGBT committee, are doing well and attracting lots of members, others just haven’t been able to capture student interest.

Among the cancelled committees are the “Media Forum” and the “Estates and Facilities Committee”.

The “Media Forum” was held only once, and was attended by representatives from The Linc, Siren FM, and Bullet Magazine. Despite choosing to cancel the committee after just one meeting, the SU did not inform all of those who attended.

The meetings for the Estates and Facilities Committee used to run once a month on a Wednesday afternoon from 1pm. It is unknown whether it was the lunchtime slot which failed to attract students, or just a diminishing interest among students in how the university is run.

The SU says students can still raise issues about accommodation, services, or facilities by taking these problems to the Student Council.

Emma Devine, the SU’s communications officer, said: “For those committees that we consider particularly significant to our work with under-represented student groups we will be trying a new ‘drop in’ style format, and keeping this under review until the end of the year.”

The beginning of the next academic year looks like it will bring some major changes with the way student committees are organised and run, as well as which student committees will be deemed popular enough to remain untouched.

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