Almost time to say goodbye

— This letter is republished from the March 2010 print edition of The Linc

The Linc has been very busy over the past few weeks. Several of our grand projects have come into place in time for this final issue of the academic year.

Not only did we bring you the full-blown newsprint issue of The Linc, but we also moved our Lifestyle, Culture, and Style sections into a brand-new glossy supplement — The Linc Magazine.

March has also seen the culmination of weeks-long preparation for our bigggest project and success so far — the live SU elections simulcast on March 5th.

But this final issue of The Linc is also special because it is the last one that carries my name as editor. And to top it all off, it’s my third and final year at the University of Lincoln.It has been an amazing journey over the last two years for me at The Linc.

Fast-forwarding from September 2008, The Linc has had an amazing evolution. Over this period, our website has seen over 60,000 unique vistitors and we distributed over 16,000 copies of the newspaper in Lincoln.

Where we stand now, hundreds of people visit our website every day, where we update with the latest happenings on a daily basis. Next to our readers’ appreciation, The Linc also prides itself with the awards it has won and been nominated for. To name a few, The Linc received national recognition from the Guardian and the BBC.

However, we could have never achieved this without the help of our great editorial team, which grew alongside our readership. Also, the tutors and staff of the Lincoln School of Journalism have been very supportive of The Linc, and a big thank you is in order.

So where do we go from here? Well, my work is not nearly done at The Linc, but just the right person to take over is here — Shane Croucher. Shane has been alongside me for the ride since the beggining of my term as editor of The Linc. We have both learnt a lot during this time and I strongly believe he is the right person to take over. Shane is a passionate, fair, and talented individual and he will have a great line-up of staff to run The Linc for the coming academic year.

I am positive I am leaving you in safe hands next year, so it’s goodbye from me.

One Response to Almost time to say goodbye

  1. Alex Bilbie says:

    Congratulations, thank you and best of luck in the future!