Complete SU Elections 2010 coverage

The University of Lincoln Students’ Union elections 2010 are over and The Linc has been covering the event every step of the way. Look over the complete coverage, from the candidates being announced to campaign analysis as well as the two hour live event that followed the results coming in.

Staff Blog: Access of information failure for SU elections
The 2010 SU elections saw five positions unfilled and unconstested. Jack Dobson looks at the possible reasons why this happened, and what it means for the groups affected.
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Analysis: It’s 2009 all over again
Another year, another set of SU elections. And, unfortunately, it’s going to the be the same old thing over again.
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Analysis: The numbers have the answer
After correctly predicting all the candidates that won in the SU elections, Jonathan Cresswell looks at the turnout numbers and how satisfied students are with the results.
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Results: No surprises at the Students’ Union Elections
The SU election results are in, and there weren’t any real surprises, with the results conforming to The Linc’s predictions.
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Listen Again: Live Results Simulcast
The Linc was live on Siren 107.3FM and online for a one and a half hour live show as the results came in. Listen back to the results coming in live, interviews with the winners and comments from the studio.

Highlights Video
Enjoy our photos of the announcement of the results from the Tower Bar:

Live Updates and Photos
Follow the live text, photos from the floor and comments from the results announcement.

Podcast: Elections Special
Listen to Shane Croucher and Rob Wells grill the candidates from all the categories in this year’s elections. Hear what they have to say and how well their policies stand up when questioned.

Why you shouldn’t re-elect Charnley

Rob Wells is not impressed with Chris Charnley’s manifesto pledges this year and explains why he shouldn’t get the student vote once more.

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Who will win the SU elections?

As the voting week for the SU elections starts on Monday, Jonathan Cresswell has an in-depth look at the numbers behind the candidates’ campaigns to predict the winners ahead of Friday’s results.

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Remainder presidential candidates adopt different tactics

With Dan Clewley and Scott Pack officially withdrawn from the campaign, Chris Charnley and Lucy Alborough have been using the first week of elections to get people voting.

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Part time officers run unopposed

RAG officer, Liberation officer and Sports officer all run unopposed in their categories. We asked Phil Krstic and Jonathan Holmes about their plans for the job.

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Campaigns candidates plan to break student apathy

This year’s campaign officer candidates are highlighting the need to listen to what students actually want and creating better campaigns as a result.

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Activities position puts emphasis on sport

The role of activities VP has got candidates talking about how to improve the sports and societies at the university.

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Welfare and Diversity aims to reflect student opinion

The Welfare and Diversity VP candidates this year have an emphasis on student representation and aim to reflect student opinion.

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Academic affairs candidates eye student reps and university experience

This year’s academic affairs candidates are looking into expanding the student reps system and bringing a better experience to students across campuses.

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Two-horse race for SU’s president

The presidential candidates for this year’s elections are looking into communicating with student media and how cut backs in funding will hurt students.

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No ball-busting at the SU election hustings

The Students’ Union election hustings didn’t really offer enough of a chance for candidates to be scrutinised, and some candidates didn’t even turn up.

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Want my vote? [Voices]

Samantha Viner wants this year’s SU Elections candidates to work harder to get her attention, and not only spam her on Facebook.

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The SU circus is back in town

We have a look at this year’s candidates’ posters, good and bad. Keep an eye out for split personalities, WordArt, bad Photoshop and typos in their own names.

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