Fine Art students to exhibit work

Eight Fine Art students from the University of Lincoln are set to exhibit their work at the Museum of Lincolnshire Life.

The exhibition will feature original works depicting various aspects of life in Lincolnshire’s history.

Amelia Storer,  one of the group of second year students responsible for the work, says that a lot of work took place to allow the exhibition to happen.

She said: “We approached the museum and explained what we wanted to do, and they seemed open to the idea. We had to negotiate spaces where we would be able to exhibit and where we wouldn’t.

“There’s going to be quite a wide range of work displayed. One person is doing 2D work, whilst there will be print work, sculpture, textiles and interactive work as well.”

Ellis Mill, the windmill at the top of the hill, was an inspiration for a couple of students.

Another member of the project, Lorraine McKenna, says that Ellis Mill, which stands in the museum’s property, was particularly inspirational to the project.

She said: “We thought it might be a good idea to consider Lincolnshire culture past and present. The first thought was that Amelia drives past the windmill every day, and that inspired us.We want to involve the community of Lincoln and bring them in to the museum as well.”

Amelia says she will emphasise the county’s industrial history, whilst McKenna says she will focus on feminism’s past in the area. “I’ll be looking at the Land Army, Make Do and Mend and their influence,” said McKenna.

However, their colleage, Tomás McClements, says he intends to use the input of Lincolnshire’s community to shape his creativity.

He said: “I’m going to be getting the local community to come in and give me their memories. Hopefully that’ll allow them to make a personal connection with the museum and the exhibit. I’ll use their input to create some works with text and some sketches as well.”

“Admission is free, and hopefully it’ll raise an awareness of how important museums are,” says McKenna.

The exhibition will take place for a week from April 26.

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