Lincoln fashionistas mourn Bit of Skirt

Bit of Skirt’s diehard fans are refusing to take the closure lightly. Photo: Stacey Cosens/The Linc

Fashionable indie girls all over Lincoln are mourning the closing down of independent boutique Bit of Skirt. Open for five years, Bit of Skirt has been a beacon of light for those that seek something different to the copycat trends of the high street.

For a shop that has become an institution to students, the closing down of this boutique is shocking and heartbreaking. However, owner Elizabeth Wright, 35, explains why the time has come for ‘Bit of Skirt’ to close:

“It’s a mixture of things really. We’ve got quieter with the recession and it’s been a lot harder. I’ve been open five years and it was always a short term project of mine. It was something I wanted to do and I did it. It’s come to a natural end for me. I’ve sort of fallen out of love with it. I have tried to find someone to buy it, but nobody has. I know a lot of people are sad about it closing.”

Elizabeth also feels that the student population in Lincoln have changed since she opened: “When we opened, a lot of people were looking for something unique. Now they tend to buy their clothes from Primark and Topshop and want something fashion forward. There are only a limited amount of people that want to be different.”

Bit of Skirt’s diehard fans are refusing to take the closure lightly however. Elizabeth mentions that earlier that day, a big group walked in and said they were going to start a Facebook group against the closure. “It won’t really work unless people come into the shop. People often come in but don’t buy anything, because they can’t afford to. But really, I just want to move on,” Elizabeth says.

The shop currently has a massive sale on, as well as thirty percent off non sale stock. This has drawn many customers in, with many coming in every day looking for further reductions. Anything left unsold, will be put on eBay, which Elizabeth will advertise on the shop’s Facebook page.

Elizabeth is now ready to take a year out: “I’m a painter as well. I’ve got an exhibition in a year, so I’m going to be working part time and spending the rest of my time working for that. After my year out, I’ll decide what I’m doing.”

With a chapter of her life coming to an end, Elizabeth recalls what she has enjoyed, during her time owning Bit of Skirt: “I like the freedom that its given me. But on the flipside, it can be lonely and you have nobody to share your day with. I’ve enjoyed the customers and meeting new people. It’s been a success, but I’ve just fallen out of love with it.”

So with the love affair over, it’s time to bid farewell to a Lincoln institution. The shop will close for good on April 3rd.

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