Lincolnshire bombers on a roll

Get your skates on: Roller derby is an American contact sport based on formation skating. Photo Jason Ruffell

Roller derby is an American contact sport based on formation skating. It takes place on an oval track, with points scored when certain players lap members of the opposing side.

It is a sport that has gone through quite a transition. Originally starting life as a professional sport for both men and women, it has since become amateur and largely female-dominated. Bombers’ Anna Thomas’ skate name ‘Synyster Motives’ says that the sport is still very much developing in this country.

She said: “Roller derby is still quite a new sport in the UK. In the USA, where it started and has been going since the early part of the last decade, they play on a national level for the title of National Champions.

“Over here, there is nothing quite so organised at the moment. We play teams from all over the UK but there is no official tournament. Last year London Roller Girls held the first European mini tournament, which they eventually won and a European Interleague table has just been organised so hopefully we are on our way to having a more structured league.”

“It is a wonderful way to get exercise and keep fit without having to go to a gym,” she added.

“There is also the competitive aspect. The actual game is so enjoyable, the competitive side and the skill and tactics that you have to learn, nothing is as satisfying as finally perfecting a move you have been working on. The most enjoyable part is that I get to do all this with a fabulous bunch of like minded women who are all now good friends.”

Thomas says she is pleased with how the team is progressing, and that they are looking raise the sport’s profile.

“We have just played our first bout of the season, which we lost 79-130. It is only our second ever game as a team so we are pleased with the result. We have at least another two teams we will be
bouting against so we have at least five more games to play this year, one home and one away for each team.

“We may also be involved in some exhibition event later in the year but we have no concrete plans at the moment.”

For more information: The club are currently offering “newbie sessions” on Saturday 9am-11am at Yarborough Leisure Centre.

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