No grass plans for “lucky” Lincoln students

Building work to improve the Human Performance Centre is currently ongoing.

Students’ Union Sports and Teams VP Chris Farrell has admitted there are no definite plans in the pipeline to enhance sporting facilities at the University despite a host of clubs being unable to fulfil their home fixtures on campus.

Building work to improve the Human Performance Centre is currently ongoing but there is a worrying lack of grass pitches on campus required for teams of various sports to play on, meaning teams have to travel to alternative venues outside of the city.

The Men’s and Women’s Rugby Union Club are among those teams that have to travel the furthest, playing at Sleaford Rugby Club almost 20 miles from Lincoln. Men’s Rugby League play at Newark Rugby Club, whilst Women’s Football, Gaelic Football, Lacrosse and the Equestrian society are all based at the Riseholme campus.

“I think the lack of grass pitches on campus is a problem for universities nationwide with city campuses,” said Farrell. “Many teams have to play games away from their university. But realistically if you join a club anywhere you have to travel to get there and play.

“The University of Lincoln has excellent facilities. Compared to similar establishments I feel we are very lucky to have what we have.

“At the minute the Human Performance Centre build is going ahead. And then after that I think it’s a case of what we need to do to make sure the university can provide high quality facilities to the demand of the students.”

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