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High street stores are forever changing their lines, designers are forever playing with the rules of fashion, and every week there is a new must-have piece for your wardrobe. The variation in fashion keeps it fresh and exciting, but it can also makes it confusing. Everywhere you look magazines and websites are publishing stories about what you should wear, what you shouldn’t wear, and what your size, shape or age couldn’t ever wear.

The Linc's Natalie Littlewood is on hand to help you with your style concerns. Photo: Anneka James

Anyone who has spent hours in front of the mirror wondering whether the outfit you have put together works, or has bought clothes and shoved them to the back of the wardrobe because you’re just not sure what to wear them with, has undoubtedly also thought about giving up entirely.

So, with the notion of two heads being better than one, with more than that being even better, we at the Style section of The Linc will help solve some of your problems. Readers can also have their say by leaving comments and suggestions on the page.

Whether it is choosing the right style, finding the right pair of shoes for a new dress, or venting your frustrations from the high street – someone else may be able to help solve your dilemma.

Rachael Connelly, 19: I want to make my outfits look fresh but I can‘t afford a whole new wardrobe.

Magazines often advise buying one statement jacket or pair of trousers to help give you an entire new look, but these statement pieces can still be quite expensive. A printed scarf is a cheaper option. D&G featured delicate neck scarves in the Spring 2010 collection and in their Autumn/Winter 2010-11 collection. John Galliano showed how scarves can also be used as belts. There are hundreds of different scarves available on the high street, but they’re often cheaper from vintage fairs or charity shops.

Sophia Goswami, 20: It really annoys me when stores and websites don’t offer discounts for students – I don’t want to pay full price!

Whilst online stores such as ASOS don’t offer student discount, there are still some ways to get money off. There are a lot of websites that share codes for discounts at various stores. Just Google the name of the store you want and ‘discount codes’, then start working your way through the websites. Making this extra effort could save you 20%, or get you free postage.

Another option is to look on eBay. If you’re specific in the search you might be lucky enough to find items currently on the high street at a much lower price. eBay shops like ‘Next-2-nowt’ sell a lot of high street pieces that have recently been in store for significantly less.

If you have a style problem that needs solving, email one of our style team and we will answer it to the best of our ability.

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