City Council: postal votes cast in thousands

Lincoln voters have already cast over 2,500 postal votes, ahead of the General Election on May 6th, according to the Lincoln Returning Officer quoted by the City of Lincoln Council.

Over 13 boxes, each containing around 200 votes, have been filled with postal votes so far in Lincoln, in what is dubbed as “a sign of good turnout” by Steve Swain, the Council’s principal democratic officer.

Swain said in a Council release that proxy voters must make sure postal votes reach them by 10pm on May 6th. If you applied to vote by post, the pack should contain two items: one for the local elections with a yellow ballot paper inside, and one for the general elections, containing a white ballot paper.

“If people are heading to the polling station to vote, I’d advise them to check they know the location of their polling station as they won’t be able to vote elsewhere,” Swain added.

— To keep on top of the latest happenings with the Lincoln PPCs, please see our Elections Blog. The Linc will be broadcasting a live Q&A webcast with Reg Shore, the Liberal Democrat candidate, on Monday, April 26th at 7pm, and with Karl McCartney, the Conservative candidate, on Tuesday, April 27th at 7:45pm.

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