City Radio comes to Lincoln

After twenty-five years of setbacks, Lincoln City Radio – the city’s second community radio station – is set to finally open within the next two weeks.

Only now has the launch become possible. Many issues have blighted the station, such as getting a licence, along with a number of technical and logistical problems.

The project of Lincoln City Radio was started in 1985 by Ray Drury, who sadly passed away last year, aged 94. He had the dream of introducing community radio across Britain.

Michael Richards, chairman of Lincoln City Radio, gave a brief history of the station: “Ray gained temporary licences some ten years ago and the station has broadcast 15 times in the last 10 years.

“That has been around Christmas time when we’ve had the Lincoln market here, and in the summer time we have broadcast from the Lincolnshire show, but these only lasted two weeks at a time as it was all licences would allow.”

Drury’s successor, Harry Whitmarsh, continued to push for a permanent licence for the station, targeting community radio in Lincoln at people aged 50+. He aimed to reflect their interests through playing the music they grew up with.

Lincoln City Radio will be targeting mature, older generations. Photo: Tom Ladlow

OFCOM granted a permanent licence to the station two years ago, and since then they have been pushing to begin broadcasting ever since.

The music played will be the big hits between 1940 and 1979, with Richards saying that “chart music is a definite no no”.

Due to this the broadcast will include programmes about the recent history of Lincoln, allowing listeners to reminisce about their past.

As all community radio does, Lincoln City Radio uses a volunteer scheme allowing people who are interested in broadcasting, but lack the money or experience to get involved on a larger scale.

“We can start that process off by training people, we have a training manager here, he trains on the equipment we also train people how to actually present how to mix the music and have the right mix of music and how to perform on air,” says Richards.

Richards seems a little unsure of when more people will be taken on. He listed the range of people involved currently, saying they have a mix of retired people, ex students in their 30’s and prominent businessmen, but didn’t say how people can get involved.

A source close to the station told The Linc they are worried about the administration of the board of directors, saying they felt positions are only open to local businessmen and not ordinary people.

One of the prominent Lincoln businessmen is Alan Ritson, who is the director of revenue generation at the station.

Ritson, who also runs the Old Bakery restaurant along with an entertainment company, stated that the company’s revenue is funded through series of grants from several organisations. However, advertising revenue is also a big part.

The stations transmission aerial, is currently on top of student accommodation, Danesgate House, however in approximatly 20 weeks it will be moving up the tower of the cathedral to increase range, currently they will only be able to transmit to 70% of their desired audience.

Broadcasts should begin within the next two weeks.

4 Responses to City Radio comes to Lincoln

  1. Gillian 'Gussie' Wiseman says:

    …I wish the other presenters well too, when LCR get up and running…finally! In the mean time I shall have a listen to Siren FM and Gravity FM…loud and clear on the air waves and on the net…music for everyone. Lady Gaga with Fine Romance is one of the better tracks played at the moment.

  2. Gillian 'Gussie' Wiseman says:

    …Oops! Bad Romance…maybe it was wishful thinking on the relationship status. :-)

  3. david smith says:

    at last a decent radio station on the air with good music as a priority not a load of ego presenters who just yap away endlessly followed by ads ads and more ads whatever you do ,please do not change the format of the station .Your my first choice of station in the car and at home and i wish you every success

  4. Pete Marshal says:

    Whats all tghis about IN BREACH in the papers? Theyve not been on air five minutes – are they REAL?