Pattinson’s return in ‘Remember Me’ is forgetful

“Remember Me” is Robert Pattinson’s latest film brandishing his “Twilight” heart-throb status. Whilst at first glance the film appears to conjure the form of a romantic drama, it struggles to fulfil its many tangled themes and disjointed plot.

Robert Pattinson breaks away from his "Twilight" character in "Remember Me", but it's not a performance to remember. Photo: Summit Entertainment

Pattinson plays Tyler Hawkins, a New York college boy suffering from teenage angst and bitter resentment for the loss of his brother, and the broken relationship he has with his father (Pierce Brosnan). After wooing Ally (Emilie de Ravin), the pair’s romance reveals that their painful pasts are uncannily similar. Tyler fights to keep his family together, whilst immersing into his love affair with Ally and caring for little sister, Caroline.

Pattinson shows some refreshing displays of alternative emotions from his “Twilight”-type cast, and even his beaten up face and rugged stubble is an appealing redesign of his usual persona.

Flatmate and comic relief sidekick, Aidan (Tate Ellington) brings some much needed breaks in the doom and gloom and wincing love stares, displaying some of the better script writing of the film.

Unfortunately, the story seems to loose track of its objective, and dabbles in various themes that are never fully redeemed or developed. In fact, the storyline lacks to fully indulge the audience in what is seemingly the focus of the film – the romance.

“Remember Me” does have its moments of quality though. The cinematography is well coordinated and airs moments of grainy New York night life, contrasting with crisp city sunrises, but like the script, the great visionary moments are short lived through their inconsistency.

As the clunky script stumbles through, it is really the quality of acting that keeps it in motion. Hollywood veterans Chris Cooper and Pierce Brosnan provide the foundations of the cast, though Brosnan’s accent can only be described as puzzling.

The distinction of Ruby Jerins, playing Caroline, can almost make you forgive some of the script’s downfalls. Almost.

Disappointingly, “Remember Me” fails to satisfy what could have potentially been a much deeper and wholesome experience.

As it attempts to keep its younger Pattinson-based audience interested, the more subtle and complex themes are left neglected, and the ending ruins any potential praise that the film could collect.

Remember Me = 3/10

5 Responses to Pattinson’s return in ‘Remember Me’ is forgetful

  1. Sherry Dawdy says:

    I totally agree with your review of this movie. I am a Robert Pattinson fan but was disappointed with this film.

  2. Cheryl Osborne says:

    I totally disagree with the reviews given above. I found that it made me think more about valuing my family and friends and telling them how much I love them. It made me think about “fate” especially. My friend’s brother and sister in law both worked in the towers. She ran crying and screaming through our office. It was not until the following day she found out that they both had a dental appointment that morning and we going to come in late that day. That was fate! Not a lot of us live everyday like it could possible be our last. Maybe we should and maybe we should be telling our family that we love them more ofter.

    I really got a lot from this movie and I thought all of the performances were excellent.

  3. Betty Ellyn says:

    Remember Me was a wonderful film with a good script and excellent acting by the entire cast. It gave the moviegoer much to think about long after leaving the theatre. What more can one ask from a movie. It has gotten excellent word of mouth despite some lukewarm reviews by the critics and has earned 35 million so far without having opened in many countries such as England. Go see it while it is still in your neighborhood movie house. It will appeal to men and women both. You won’t be sorry.

  4. Shirley Cote says:

    I thought this movie was very good. Unless you’ve experienced the loss that this family endured it’s hard to understand the change in family dynamics that can occur. I thought both Pierce Brosnan (always a fav of mine) did a great job and so did Rob Pattinson. See the movie for yourself, don’t depend on the critics.

  5. Chris Cox says:

    I thought it was a great film. Not, perfect, but how many movies are? The acting was fine, there was a lot more humor in it than I expected too, and the end gives you something to think about. I don’t understand the bad reviews at all.