Play along with the Leaders Debates

Gordon Brown, David Cameron, and Nick Clegg are tonight set to take on questions from members of the public in the first in a series of live TV debates in the run up to the General Election.

It’s 50 years since Kennedy and Nixon debated on TV, an event which is often seen as a pivotal moment in American politics – and it’s the first time anything similar will be happening in the UK.

The debate, on ITV1 tonight at 8:30pm, could be a huge decider in the results of this year’s election, or the nation might just fall asleep instead with the prospect of 90 minutes of three men talking.

But with the stereotypical sound bite style of politics we have today, it’s seems like it’s easy to predict exactly what is going to be said.

With this in mind, we’ve created the Leaders Debate Bingo cards – download one of the cards below and you can tick off as they eventually are said.

There’s three cards in case you’ve got nothing better to do than play against other people and see who does best.

If you’re playing along, let us know when you get a full house here on the website or on Twitter, @thelinc. Leave a comment if you’ve got any suggestions for any clichés we’ve missed too…

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