SU wants students to vote against tuition fees increase

The NUS poster campaign for students to vote against an increase in tuition fees.

The University of Lincoln Students’ Union is campaigning on Facebook for students to use their vote wisely in this year’s elections.

“We are asking students to use their vote in the forthcoming general election to support candidates that would vote against any increase in fees in the next Parliament as part of the NUS Vote for Students campaign,” they say on a Facebook rally page.

Students living away from their home can register to vote twice — both at their home and at the term-time address in local elections. You can register to vote online on About My Vote.

The SU say they will be assisting students to register to vote, with advice available in the SOAP Centre and representatives in the Atrium (Main Admin Building) starting next week.

The NUS Vote for Students campaign, in line with Lincoln SU, is calling for students to vote for a candidate that will fight for a fairer education system and will opose an increase in top up fees.

“In many seats up and down the country the student vote can make a decisive difference. Through this campaign we hope to remind students of the power they hold and remind candidates of the danger of not taking our votes seriously,” said Wes Streeting, NUS President.

The vote registration deadline for the General Election is April 20th. Those unregistered won’t be able to vote on May 6th.


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