Surge in young people registering to vote, says NUS report

There has been a “late rush” in young people registering to vote ahead of the deadline on April 20th, according to an NUS press release:

The [Electoral] Commission said 50,000 registration forms were downloaded from its website on Tuesday, ahead of the 1700 BST deadline to get them to a person’s local authority. 40% of all those visiting the About My Vote website were young people aged 18 to 25.

“We’re especially pleased that so many of the visits were from people aged under 25, who are one of the age groups least likely to be registered to vote,” said spokeswoman for the commission.

Susan Nash, NUS vice-president for society and citizenship, said in the release: “Students’ unions up and down the country have been working hard to register students so come May 6th, the student vote can be decisive. Politicians need to be clear about where they stand on student issues especially if they are committed to NUS’ pledge.”

Lincoln’s Students’ Union have been proactive in trying to get students registered to vote, by going around campus and getting students to fill out the registration forms, subsequently delivering them to Lincoln’s electoral office.

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