Why Essence and Quayside closed down for a day

Students queueing outside Quayside for a Fatpoppadaddy's event. Photo: Fatpoppadaddy's

Popular student bars Essence in Newland and Quayside in Brayford Wharf North had to temporarily suspend activities on Thursday, after the Home Office Alcohol Strategy Enforcement Team found alleged irregularities in their activities, said a Friday report in The Lincolnshire Echo.

The reasons behind the temporary suspension of activity for the two bars were unspecified, but an Echo report on Saturday revealed that failed toilet checks and paperwork errors led to the crackdown. The report quotes Essence manager Mark Welford saying the reasons for the closure were “petty”.

Essence is said to have received its closure notice because the door supervisors filed incorrect log details, in addition to the lack of a sign reminding customers to keep quiet upon leaving the bar, according to Echo‘s second report.

Quayside’s temporarily close came due to a lack of up-to-date toilet checks and missing information on door supervisors contact details, it has been reported. Both bars said they rectified the problems and are now back to business as usual.

It seems that a third bar in Lincoln was at danger of having to close down temporarily, but was unnamed, and details following are sketchy. Apparently, the crackdown on Lincoln bars is part of an initiative to improve the city’s centre.

— Thumbnail image courtesy of Metal_Alf via Flickr

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