Kids in Glass Houses cause a shattering effect

The atmosphere was alive as a full house of fans awaited Kids in Glass Houses to entertain them on Saturday, May 8th when they played the Rock City in Nottingham.

Kids in Glass Houses played to a full crowd at the Rock City in Nottingham. Photo: Lisa Benn

To kick it all off, Spycatcher and General Fiasco took to the stage, proving to be worthy support acts by taking turns at getting the crowd psyched for the main act.

In a recent interview with The Linc, General Fiasco revealed that they were thrilled to be supporting such an act, and they deserved the spotlight as they got the crowd singing along to their every word.

“When our agent booked this show, we thought he was an idiot,” Aled Phillips, lead singer of Kids in Glass Houses, tells the biggest audience that they will play to on this tour, “but we’re glad that he did!” Once the band began, it was easy to see why so many of their tour dates were sold out.

When the lights went down, almost ten minutes before the band was due on stage, the crowd started cheering, jumping, and generally setting the tone for an electric evening.

The band’s latest album, “Dirt”, has been out for just a month but the crowd sung along to every word, even when Phillips started to sing “Hollaback Girl” in the middle of “Fisticuffs”.

The band had a thrilling energy commanding the stage, feeding off the crowds’ high spirits, and stopping in places to hear them sing back their lyrics.

The set list consisted of both old and new songs, with every one of them exciting the crowd in the opening bars. At one point, Phillips held out his microphone so that the crowd could sing into it, and everyone came together to sing in unison – a highlight for the front man it seemed.

After a set of 12 songs, the band left the stage to roaring chants of “We want more”, and the crowd were not going to rest until they got what they wanted.

The band returned for an encore, singing a few favourites including “Saturday”, and left with the title that they are certainly a band worth seeing live.

4 Responses to Kids in Glass Houses cause a shattering effect

  1. sam blyth says:

    The best gig I’ve ever been to! I saw them supporting Lost Prophets too and they showed them up in my opinion. I am still reliving the Rock City show and will definately be at the tour which Aled said may be November this year… I’m so there! Met the guys outside afterwards too, really nice guys and very grateful to us fans for being there. One of the best nights of my live. If you havent already seen them, go!

  2. Jodie says:

    OMG!! Amazing! I had my banner up and ready and saw Aled look at it, but could see he couldn’t see so 5mins after I lobbed it on stage, then he picked it up and looked at it I was totally amazed!!

    Then as everyone went quiet I shouted for him to look at my banner and he was answering me back! I was having a one on one conversation and as he said “I can’t hear you love” a few people joined in to say look at the banner until he told me to tell him after the concert which I couldn’t and I am very disappointed and upset, but I can’t wait for your next live convert in november!! I’ll be there for sure xx

  3. Joe Hicks says:

    I agree with Sam; so much more dynamic than Lost Prophets were…

    I wasn’t at this gig, but have seen them a few times since the release of e-pocalypse and they continue to surpass themselves.

  4. Layla Hogarth says:

    I saw them back in october ’08, at rescue rooms, which was phenomenal. They blew my mind … they have improved so much in these few short years and i am proud to say i am a huge fan :) Meeting them before the gig has made my life haha, as thy are one of my favorite bands. Dirt did not dissappoint (Y) I found the whole band were more aware of their presence, and i hope they carry on with what they do ewll, which is making people like me happy with their music. Rock City was amazing, and i WILL be seeing them on the tour they just announced less than an hour ago :L