Lincoln PPCs criticise Derricott for blog post

Two of Lincoln’s prospective parliamentary candidates have reacted to a blog post by Dan Derricott, a Lincoln SU officer.

In it, Derricott calls Karl McCartney, Lincoln’s Tory PPC, an “upper class toff with interests in business over people and not willing to turn up to debates on key issues such as the environment”.

Reg Shore, the Liberal Democrat PPC for Lincoln, is taking issue with the following extracts from Derricott’s blog: “The Liberal Democrats are more viable candidates in this election than in any election before, but would cut child tax credits and ultimately look to join the Euro currency amongst other things, which are actions our country is not yet ready for, so whilst I would like to see them in opposition or the partner in a hung-parliament – they are in no position to lead us alone.

“Reg Shore is a nice guy, a teacher and local Council leader, I don’t see him fighting for us in Westminster.”

Here are both Shore’s and McCartney’s statements.

Reg Shore

“[Dan Derricott] clearly [is] not taking in to account my effectiveness as a community leader which has brought far more to Lincolnshire than Gillian will ever bring.

“He is also wrong about us cutting child tax credits. We only propose to cut these from people who can afford not to have them i.e. the richest.  And on the Euro currency, we are the only party who is prepared to have a referendum on this issue – we would not ‘go straight in to the Euro. His words are misleading and inaccurate.

“The Liberal Democrats have been the Party to have criticized the European Union more than any other in order to seek the changes that are right for Britain.”Finally, he has clearly forgotten 13 years of Labour rule and he presumes that they will suddenly make it all right tomorrow. They will not!”

Karl McCartney

“[I] had a really good meeting with Eric Pickles this morning [May 3rd] and I think he and I both demonstrate that the charges laid against me as a Conservative by Dan Derricott have no credence, justification nor bear any resemblance to reality – much like any Labour Party press release we have seen during this general election campaign.

“I don’t think any of my family or friends, colleagues or grown up opponents would ever level the charge that I was an upperclass toff – indeed at the first Lincoln University organised debate, although packed with NUS ‘Sabs’ and friends of my Labour opponent who attempted to smear me by repeating the phrase ‘priveleged tory’ at least 32 times in 90 minutes, they failed in their efforts as it hasn’t stuck… because it isn’t true.

“I myself was a Students’ Union president, a sabbatical officer, and would not have displayed the naivety that Dan Derricott shows, nor the willingness to repeat untruths.

“If he cared to talk to the organisers of the environmental debate he would know that I wasn’t due to appear that evening, but Conservative MEP Roger Helmer was, and unfortunately he had other commitments a short time before the debate and although I tried unsuccessfully to locate another alternative I was unable to do so and sent my apologies for his non-attendance by email – the only contact details I had for the organisers.

“He further can’t even be bothered to use Twitter, Facebook or even visit as my biographical details show clearly my background, not so dissimilar than his I would suggest, but at least I saw the light.

“I am happy to work towards the common good with anybody in Lincoln or beyond (whether I am elected or not) including the SU President, but they have to show themselves willing to do the same.  Maybe comments like Dan Derricott’s show that he perhaps isn’t the most appropriate student representative that any elected Conservative politician should seek to listen to.”

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