Drink driving – a cautionary tale

Saturday was turning out to be a great day. We’d just come back from Milton Keynes, where my father had finally cashed in the voucher for indoor skydiving that myself and my brother had gotten him for Father’s day. It had been a blast, and the hilarity of seeing a 52-year-old man freefalling right in front of you is something that will stay with me for a long time to come. We’d gulped down a hearty meal, and were just getting to the part in “Shutter Island” where Leonardo Di Caprio realises he’s gone insane…when the phone rang.

There are many thoughts that cross your mind when the phone rings at 10.30pm on a Saturday night. If you’re a student, it probably means it’s time to go out. If you’re an office worker, it means it’s time to come home. For myself and my parents sitting in the lounge, it meant that something was definitely wrong.

The unfortunate recipient of the damage and the unsung heroine of this tale is my brother’s fiancé, who has managed to overcome a lot of adversity in her life, despite being born with ginger hair. The initial phone calls were tearful, as events began to unfold. It turns out that whilst her car was parked near to a friend’s house, someone had reversed into her.

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