30 Seconds to Mars were no ‘Hurricane’

A sold out crowd were given a performance to remember when 30 Seconds to Mars played at Lincoln’s Engine Shed on Tuesday, October 19th.

Jared Leto is the singer of 30 Seconds to Mars. Photo: RC

The band was unaware that they were going to be performing the show live on BBC Radio 1 until 4.00pm. However, the performance they gave was more than enough for the listeners across the world and also the people in the Engine Shed that night.

Kicking of the night was BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe who performed a DJ set to help warm up the crowd. Lowe invited fellow co-presenter Fearne Cotton to speak on air and a special appearance was made by both Jared and Shannon Leto, singer and drummer of 30 Seconds to Mars. This only added fuel to the fire and got the crowd even more psyched up and ready for the main event.

When the band themselves came on stage, the venue erupted with people jumping about and signing along to every word, as well as singing extra parts of the song that brought it all together. It was easy to see that the people that were there were no strangers to the band, with many being part of the Echelon – a name that has been given to the fans who help to promote them.

At two different points, Leto took it upon himself to jump into the crowd, much to the delight of the people in front of him. From his position on the barrier, he continued to sing for the audience as well as pointing at people and making sure that he took in all of the faces below him.

The setlist itself consisted of a range of songs from the bands three albums and a little acoustic session in between to give Leto a little break after admitting earlier that he had “threw out his back” whilst in rehersals earlier.

As predicted by many people, Leto called 25 people on to the stage to perform “Kings and Queens” with them, causing an onslaught of crowd surfers started as everyone wanted to join them on stage. For those who were lucky to get up there, they did exactly what Leto requested and they screamed their hearts out along with the rest of the crowd.

This was certainly a memorable night for those who manged to get tickets and will also be remembered by people all over the world who tuned in to listen to it live on BBC Radio 1.

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