Brighten your day with Colour of Sound

— Victoria McNichol contributed with this report

Having recently released their debut album “When”, new band Colour of Sound are hoping to hit the big time with their own unique style and way of doing things.

Colour of Sound is comprised of four individual artists, all of whom can sing, song-write and play numerous different instruments. Rod Da Rosa is primarily the lead vocals, twin brothers, Harry Mead and Fraser MacColl play the drums and lead guitar respectively, whilst Jake Morley is on bass. This band, produced and managed by Jess Gerry, is not your typical boy band.

They each bring their own style and individual sounds which makes them so unique. Da Rosa says: “Literally within 10 seconds of getting together and rehearsing, it was instantly working.” Their talent especially shines through in their single “Pennylan Park” where you can hear all their influences working so well together.

Colour of Sound have recently released their debut album. Photo: Colour of Sound

Thought of more as a collective than a band, each of the boys has their own solo projects, in which they all fully support each other. Morley has his own album which he will be releasing later in the year. Da Rosa says: “We’re all friends anyway… We have a mutual respect for each other.” They believe that this is what sets them apart from others, and what makes Colour of Sound so unique.

Adamant that they are not what some people may call a manufactured group, Da Rosa says: “We were all good friends before and we got on really well together.” Having recently done some touring and gigs, he feels that they were welcomed by those who went to see them.

Colour of Sound have been touring with, and supporting, Norwegian artist Sivert Hoyem across the UK as part of his European tour.

Keep an eye out for their debut album and single, and you can listen to Colour of Sound on their MySpace page.

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