Inbetweeners: ‘Goodbye first rate education, hello University of Lincoln.’

Monday night saw the University of Lincoln potentially propelled into infamy when popular comedy programme “The Inbetweeners” referenced it — as being a terrible institution.

Mr Gilbert: "Goodbye first rate education, hello University of Lincoln". | Photo: Bwark Productions

In a scene, the headteacher of the fictional 6th form, played by Greg Davies, who will be performing his stand-up show in Lincoln on November 23rd, threatens main character Will McKenzie saying that “in my role as your UCAS referee I will fuck your application up,” adding “goodbye first-rate education, hello University of Lincoln.”

Will went on to say: “I’ve been to Lincoln and it’s a shithole.”

The comment has spawned several Facebook groups, some with in excess of 3,000 members. Custom t-shirts are already available, and many have embraced the joke.

Co-creator of the show Iain Morris posted on his Twitter following the broadcast: “I’m sorry. A friend went there and it was an in-joke. Sometimes the innocent suffer. What a cathedral, eh?”

John-Paul Taylor, a second-year media production student, said: “Lincoln may not be first rate, compared to Cambridge or Loughborough, but it’s definitely not a shithole.” He also mentioned that the university was one of the most improved last year in The Times rankings.

One criminology student was upset with the programme for failing to recognise “amazing Lincoln”. Tom Purbrick, a forensic science student, echoed their irritation, saying there was “no truth in the joke” and that he “couldn’t believe it”.

George Price, who studies media production, said it was good to hear the university’s name mentioned, and added that the scene did little to “slag off” the University of Lincoln. While Zoe Leach, an accounting and finance student was “slightly offended” and suggested that The Inbetweeners should come to Lincoln to experience it.