Students divided by Atrium price rise

The beginning of the new term has seen food prices in the Atrium increase, with the University of Lincoln citing the recession as one of the reasons for the price rise.

The university claims that the increased costs are necessary “in order for the Atrium to continue to operate in the current economic climate” and are “favourable” compared to other universities. It also attributes the higher costs to a new supplier, with prices that reflect an “improved selection and quality of sandwiches.”

Sandwiches are one of the products that have seen a significant price rise. Photo: Jonathan Cresswell

The cost of a sandwich varies from £1.85 for a tuna mayonnaise and cucumber or ham and mustard mayonnaise sandwich, to £3.60 for a chicken, bacon and avocado club. 500ml bottles of Coca Cola currently retail for £1.30. The Uni Shop offers a Ginsters meal deal for £3.29 which includes a brand quality sandwich, Walkers crisps, and a 500ml drink.

With many items more costly than the previous year, students may be less willing to pay out. The Atrium has divided opinion on prices. Gemma Cobby, a second year politics student, said the prices are “very high”.

Emily Honey, a third year graphics student, considers the prices “on par with the rest of Lincoln”, whilst Euan McKinnon, a second year politics student, gave a far more disparaging response, saying “there’s no reason for them to be as high as they are — the Atrium is supposed to be for students, [but] it doesn’t cater towards us.”

Chris Whaley, the university’s catering and conference manager said the university would “welcome the specific details” regarding the Atrium and its products.

The Atrium was originally sponsored by Alstom, a global transport and infrastructure company, when the Main Academic Building was first built. Earlier this year three UK bosses of Alstom were arrested after the company’s offices were raided by the Serious Fraud Office after it was alleged bribes had been used to secure foreign contracts.

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Correction — This article originally said Alstom runs the Atrium. This is not true, Alstom sponsored it when the Main Academic Building was first built. The article has since been corrected.

One Response to Students divided by Atrium price rise

  1. Laurel says:

    I already thought that the sandwich prices were atrocious for what they are. I mean I’m vegetarian bordering on vegan so when I’d have cheese or egg or cheese and tomato, which were the only option, it was nearly £2. A whole loaf of bread and lump of cheese can be less than that, particularly as they are to be eaten the same day or next. I used to go to spar for cheaper prices! That says so much. Now finally with these sandwiches there is a vegan option. I reluctantly have been buying it because I can’t afford a whole food shop myself. It’s costing me around £3 for each of them. Don’t get me wrong, they’re nice sandwiches, but all I need is a bit of salad in it and it’d be cheap! I eat in the architecture building, so the only vegan options tend to be chips or beans. Not exactly healthy. It’s such a waste though, because as an animation student I’m in the studio ffrom morning till the early hours of the next day, and given the convenience, if the food was cheap a lot of students would probably eat there for lunch every day if not for dinner. I can’t help but think it’d be a good investment!