The spirit of ABBA returns to Lincoln

ABBA tribute acts — there’s no escaping them. Sweden’s second biggest import behind flat pack furniture has inspired thousands of tribute bands, all attempting to put their own spin on the ABBA magic.

One such act is “Waterloo: The Ultimate ABBA experience” which is coming to the LPAC on October 23rd. But what makes this particular tribute act worth paying attention to?

“Our producer Mike wanted to put out an ABBA show that was 100% live,” said the shows lead guitarist Ben Peachy. “He wanted to create the biggest live ABBA show in Europe and he’s done it.”

The group itself consists of not only the four main ABBA members we know and love, but six backing performers helping to “push up the sound”.

“It’s every single ABBA hit that you can think of,” continues Peachy, explaining what he believes makes his show just that little bit more special than others out there.

“Lots of costumes and colour along with award-winning lighting, as well as fantastic sound that you will not be able to hear from any other ABBA group that you go and see.”

Waterloo are one of the biggest UK ABBA tribute acts touring today. Photo: Mad About Productions

As well as the sheer size of their performance, Waterloo takes pride in its showmanship. “A lot of groups are in their thirties, which is fair enough as that’s the age demographic for ABBA, but we’re all in our mid-twenties or younger so there’s a lot of energy on stage.

“I’ve been doing Waterloo for two years now and I still always come off stage really excited about what we’ve just done and having a blast myself.”

Performing another artist’s songs may not always be the most creatively fulfilling route for a musician, but Peachy has no complaints.

“As great as it is to perform on your own and have complete artistic control you do crave the big sound and spectacle of a big production. And that is what this show has, it’s huge and I missed that.”

The upcoming gig will be the show’s second time in Lincoln. Last year the group performed to a sell-out crowd at the Theatre Royal, which Peachy remembers fondly.

“We know the Lincoln crowd are there and up for a good time. We just hope they prove it again because we were very impressed last year.”

As well as urging ABBA fans to check out the show, Peachy promises some surprises are in store: “We have a surprise towards the end of our first act after we perform Chikichita — it’s a surprise that catches out every single one of our audiences and leaves them wondering what’s coming next.”

“I would very much urge people from Lincoln to come down and prove that you’re the fantastic crowd we remember you being we had a great time last year and we really are looking forward to this year.”

“Waterloo: The Ultimate ABBA Experience” is playing the LPAC on the 23rd of October. Tickets are priced at £17.50, with concessions at £16 and under 16s at £14. For more information visit the LPAC website.

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